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Creston may look like a sleepy little town, but the history of the valley, and how it was settled is diverse and dramatic. The original inhabitants of the Creston Valley were the Lower Kootenay, or Yaqan Nuki people, who today are part of the Ktunaxa Nation.

The first European settlers arrived in 1883, and over the next few years, Creston became a small outpost in a growing regional network of mining and exploration. By the early 1900s, Creston had become a destination in its own right, with an economy based on forestry, mining and agriculture.

Creston was incorporated as a village in 1924, and the first council was sworn in by the visiting Governor General, Lord Byng. The village became the Town of Creston in 1966.

Health care, the Columbia Brewery and a growing retail sector are the mainstays of the economy within the Town. Agriculture and forestry continue to thrive in the region, with both the value-added forest product and agri-tourism sectors seeing growth in recent years. The temperate climate has made Creston a popular community for retirees, and its proximity to U.S. and Alberta markets make it an ideal location for manufacturing and industry.

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